Die Fahrradseiten

Behördenschreiben aus Kaliningrad

Das nachfolgende Schreiben erhielt ich auf Anfrage in Kaliningrad zum Grenzübertritt per Fahrrad in die russische Exklave.

Dear Mr. Jürgen Biallas
In year 2006 number of cyclists from EU has visited us crossing border at Mamonovo. All of them cross the border just sitting on their bicycles.
Officially Mamonovo border checkpoint is for cars, buses and light trucks. There is no walking pass and pass for cyclists.
But last year we kindly ask the Border Guard Officials to let cyclists from EU pass this border freely. So they did. I’ve met one of numerous large groups of cyclists here – 36 persons.
Goldap-Gusev is an alternative, you may pass there freely, but it’s too far to east. So many cyclists take a little risk and cross the border at Mamonovo.
Usually for large groups of tourists we issue letter to the Board Guard so when you arrive at border post you must say that you are in a list. But it’s not possible for one or two or even four persons.
Please note that there is no 100% guarantee when you are going through Mamonovo because some unfinished documents between Russia and Poland, but I’m pretty sure you cross this border freely.
When you arrive here do not wait in car line, just go to Polish post and then to Russian post.
You must say to Russian officials at border that you go to Kaliningrad city directly (hotel “Chaika”). Doesn’t matter where you plan to go really, just say: “Kaliningrad”.
Please note that good camping place is situated at Yantarny (artificial lake close to Baltic coastline ‘Amber coast’) it might be a good idea to spend your second night there.
Please note that there is no problems with Nida checkpoint (Russia-Lithuania) – you may pass freely there.
If you need more info about cycling in Kaliningrad please contact people from http://bicycle.kgd.ru/. I think they can tell you about good places for camping as well.
If you met serious problems during your trip you may contact me: +7 902 2121021 and I try to help you in case I’ll be within Kaliningrad region limits :-)
Best regards, Oleg Alferov
Head of SME Development Department
Ministry of Industry of Kaliningrad region, Russia
project@gov39.ru +7 (4012) 599309